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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Someone is building God in a dark cup."

Spinoza's Library
"Baruch Spinoza" by Borges gives me the chills.

"From his disease, from nothing, he's begun"

Borges' other poem on Spinoza.


Charlie H said...

Great poems, especially the first. By the way, I've been in the room in the picture (in Rijnsburg, I think). There's a visitor's book that has been kept for a century or so. Einstein signed it when he visited -- you can see his signature. Pretty cool.

Mike said...

I like the first one better than the second as well. He ends the Norton Lectures (This Craft of Verse) with the Spanish version of the second one. Maybe we're losing something in translation.

I'll stop by Spinoza's place if I ever make it out that way.

Nice headband.