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Saturday, January 31, 2009

the aliens are creating neo-Nephilim

The basic assertion by Marzulli is that these fallen angels have returned and as part of their plan are harvesting human and animal genetic material to create a new type hybrid for their purposes. He maintains UFOs are the method the fallen angels choose to create a sort of “Alien Gospel” so they deceive many to believe that they, who masquerade as aliens, created mankind. I think this is interesting, since it seems that UFOs are derived from our own Science Fiction; which in my hypothesis is the partial source of the ET “costume.”

Marzulli goes into detail about why UFOs appeared in great numbers during WWII; he maintains that Hitler and the Third Reich were tied into the occult and performed a massive Satanic sacrifice (the Holocaust) which was sufficient to open a portal and allow these beings in. Marzulli notes he got the idea of the Holocaust as being a Satanic sacrifice from the book Twisted Cross: The German Christian Movement in the Third Reich by Doris Bergen. This idea of how sacrifice can open doors to the spiritual planes of existence and our own Earth is significant in light of how important sacrifice has been to religion and its attempts at opening communication. Could the need for continued sacrifice explain in part cattle mutilations by these fallen ones?

UFOs and Fallen Angels
I love these outlandish ways of interpreting questionable phenomena. On this particular topic I prefer Seraphim Rose's Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future but it's the same basic idea that the aliens are demons (minus the discussion of creating hybrid Nephilim). The EO discussion of Aerial Toll Houses (the state of the soul after death) is pretty fun as well.


Michael Drake said...

I wonder what they could have done with these phenomena.

Mike said...

More people being used by Satan to obfuscate God's creation and make people skeptical of the supernatural.

I'd like to create a whole line of supernatural products to compete with the "organic" and "natural" products we find in stores these days.

"Church of Mike" brand string cheese -- 50% more supernatural than Kraft!

Mike said...

Church of Mike (TM)