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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back from Puerto Vallarta

We got back from our vacation in Puerto Vallarta for my cousin's wedding late last night. It was amazing. The ceremony was on the beach at sunset and a dance stage was set up on the beach for the reception. There was a live band all night and around 12:30 or so the mariachis from Aguascalientes (the bride's home town) finished off the night (around 2am). Probably not so great for the other guests at the hotel but definitely one of the coolest weddings I've been to.

If you haven't traveled to Mexico much, these words of advice my cousin sent us before the trip were pretty helpful (and funny).

For those of us headed to Mexico in the near future, here are some reminders.

Remember your passport. You won't be able to board your plane otherwise.

Prices may be in pesos or dollars. A peso sign is a dollar sign with only one vertical line. There are about 13 pesos in a dollar right now.

Don't drink tap water. At all. Ever. You can brush with it, bathe with it, but don't drink it.

If they speak English, it probably costs extra. Brush up your Spanish numbers and phrases.

You are an ambassador for your country. If you act like an ass, say you are from Canada.

Tell your bank you are going to Mexico. Make sure your card will work and that they won't put a hold on it while you are gone. Bring some cash, just in case.

Keep a copy of your passport in a safe place. Get a money belt. Without your documents, you are no longer American. Border control is no fun.

Never assume. Simple things are not the same everywhere. I once traveled with a man who filled his tank with gasoline instead of diesel because the nozzle was green.

If you drive, the rules change. Just because you are allowed to drive, doesn't mean you should. Right of way rules especially change.

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