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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jim Garrison on Radio Active

I was minding my own business yesterday, doing some work on the computer when I heard someone on the radio going off about philosophy as a way of life. I thought, "hey, I go off about philosophy as a way of life". I kept listening. The speaker seemed to be talking about Pierre Hadot but not referencing him explicitly so I called to put a good word in for the frenchman. I also was asking that "cultural creative" types put a hand out towards "enlightened Christians" who embrace the genuine values in Christianity. I put a word in for Obama, not that he needed it on a show like radio active.

I'm not completely on board with everything Jim Garrison is about but I really enjoyed what he had to say on the radio show. He's fairly quick to dismiss the Abrahamic religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity). If you want to hear my whiny, high pitched stutterings, my call is about half way in. If you have time though, I think the whole show is pretty good.

May 6th Radio Active Program on KRCL

Some other quotes by Jim Garrison
"One of the things I find very exciting about spirituality in the world today is that it is disengaged from religion. Religious orthodoxy is becoming less and less relevant to more and more people," says Dr Garrison, a Harvard graduate with a PhD in theology.

"I think that Judaism and Christianity and Islam have done real damage to the planet because they have too many answers. I prefer to live in the questions.

"I believe deeply in the Christian truths, but I think that they are partial. I think it's important that whatever we conceive of as God is the God of the whole not God of the part.

"If you think of all the violence that has been engendered because by people that believe the part is the whole it makes you shudder," he says.

It seems a bit new agey (what's with all the spiraly images on that page?) but here's Garrison's explanation of what he means by "cultural creatives".

I'm not into meditation so much as learning trades and skills. I also relate more to the TED types. We make personal progress as we take on difficult ("interesting") tasks.

Philo of Alexandria - Hellenistic Jewish Philosopher

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