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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


an imperative?
the modern predicament is one in which God’s call is “interrupted.” The orthodox solution to this dilemma is to act as though she can still hear the word of God with complete clarity, while the atheist’s solution is to clap her ears against the ever-quieter echoes of past revelation. The Jewish intellectuals discussed by Lazier present us with a third option: to open our ears to nature, and to one another. The skeptic would argue that a circuitous route through heresy is hardly necessary to arrive at such a banal conclusion; in response, Lazier’s modern heretics would wonder why such a simple resolution was ignored in the tragedies of the twentieth century. As Scholem put it in a devastating formulation, whose simplicity belies the heretical complexity required to truly defend it: “Develop peacefully, and don’t destroy the world.”


Kingdom Focus said...

Are you reading this?:

What exactly is he saying? That all should boils down to social justice?

Mike said...

I haven't read the book but it looks interesting. I don't think it all boils down to social justice though because there's much to say about how it affects our relationship with nature.