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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

invisibility and ignosticism

Short somewhat funny TED talk by John Lloyd.

He mentions being an ignostic. Seems appealing: Ignosticism (wikipedia).


Confessions of A Young Preacher said...

I loved his two points at the end: why are we here? And What are we to do while we are here?
The invisible matter is very interesting one could say that there is something behind it holding it all together not jsut emptiness as the buddhist claims.
One appeal I wanna make is that since there is invisible things and no explanation couldn't one say that there is a prime mover behind it? That the reason we feel there is more then just death and more than just pleasure is because there is. And I wanna make the appeal that there is more and it is found in God of the bible. Please here me out. you might laugh at me because I mentioned the bible but can you not see that your working from a set of presuppositions too. check out this book The universe next door By: James Sire and it will show you how we all operate from presuppositions and challenge truly what you believe.

Mike said...

Unfortunately I run my own cult, Church of Mike, which doesn't give me much time for other religions (I've been known to dabble in Bokononism and the dangerous imitation of Christ on occasion ... let's keep all that between us).

Feel free to stop by and confess whenever.

Confessions of A Young Preacher said...

so are you just messing with me because you don't take me seriously?

Mike said...

Well, apologetic works are a dime a dozen and I've already read too many for this short life. Also I don't think we really get to choose our view of the world and that it's mostly dictated by cultural prejudices. Our view of the world shouldn't be confused with what we claim to believe, it's what we demonstrate with our significant behaviors.

Anyhow, if you had something of your own to say I'd take you more seriously. At the very least take C.S. Lewis' advice and read 2 classics for every more contemporary work.

Mike said...

Oh, and I mess with everyone. I used to be serious, all too serious but life's too short for that as well.

Confessions of A Young Preacher said...

o ok. well now I'm in school don't have much time to write. I'm reading the classics. We read Plato, Aristotle, Decartes Discourse method, now pascal, and many others and later locke, nitezche and others.

Michael Drake said...

The Auden is one of my top 10 quotations ever.