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Monday, July 13, 2009

the legitimate purposes of philosophy

  • the pursuit of truth - too boring/exhaustive for one person's lifetime, delegated to the sciences as a collective enterprise
  • unearthing prejudices - especially by looking at the prevailing wisdom of our time and tracing its development but also by carefully attempting to understand other disciplines, people, cultures and ages (ways of being)
  • delineating between phenomenal and epiphenomenal beliefs - to better target beliefs that need changing and also to better determine how to change oneself (specifically I think it's best to target/understand beliefs that impact your MO and even at times to work backwards from behavior to understand beliefs)
  • untying a knotted understanding - personal therapy to avoid spending mental energy on things that don't really matter
  • reframing - tweaking our perceptions and stories to achieve different ends, gaining new eyes
  • "know thyself" "become who you are"
  • means to explore an arbitrary literary/artistic drive
Anything I'm missing?


mark said...

excellent summarization here...perhaps, "improving sense of compassion"? --tho i think you've covered this too

Mike said...

Hey mark. I think you're right. Maybe the second bullet point should be split in two or cover more straightforward understanding and compassion. I'll have to think about wording.

Are you a free software dev?

mark said...

free software dev? nah.

I've been thinking more about this too...maybe more like empathy, and integration, than compassion

Charlie H said...

It's maybe implicit in the others you list, but how about: attaining wisdom? I think of wisdom as having your priorities in order.

Mike said...

I suppose I'm trying to put some methodological meat on the bones of the pursuit of honesty and wisdom.

I think a lot of crap gets thrown in with the pursuit of wisdom by itself though. People ("philosophers") use that concept to support a lot of their wasteful thinking.

So I'll probably avoid supporting any concept that's so broad without qualification.

Mike said...

Hmm, maybe this is "the legitimate tasks of philosophy".

Mike said...

mark: Thanks for the feedback. I like your photos.

I'll work on this more over time.