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Friday, July 10, 2009

interesting aside on "God is Dead"

Nz was here
One occasionally sees the following graffiti: "'God is dead.' Nietzsche. 'Nietzsche is dead.' God." Rarely, someone adds a third line; e.g., "'Nietsche is spelled wrong.' Kaufmann." The best third line I have seen is: "'Some are born posthumously.' Nietzsche."
That's Kaufmann in reference to The Gay Science §364 --
The last is the trick of posthumous people par excellence. ("What did you think?" one of them once asked impatiently; "would we feel like enduring the estrangement, the cold and quiet of the grave around us--this whole subterranean, concealed, mute, undiscovered solitude that among us is called life but might just as well be called death--if we did not know what will become of us, and that it is only after death that we shall enter our life and become alive, oh, very much alive, we posthumous people!") [bold emphasis mine]

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