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Thursday, February 5, 2009

yeast excrement

I spent most of the day yesterday getting ready to brew tomorrow. We cleaned a bunch of 5 gallon kegs and racked beer into them. We also bought ingredients. We're brewing another porter and if we manage to do two batches we also have the ingredients for something IPA like. I'm trying to keep better track of recipes. So I don't forget, the grain we picked up yesterday:
3/4 lb Weyerman German Rye Malt (4.0 Lovibond)
2 lb Dingemans Belgian Special-B (140-155 Lovibond)
2 1/4 lb Weyerman German Carahell (10-15 Lovibond)
1 lb Briess American Organic Roasted Barley (300 Lovibond)
1 lb Briess American Organic Chocolate (350 Lovibond)
1 lb British Torrefied Wheat

Random beer trivia: a black and tan is a pale ale with a dark Porter (often a Stout Porter) poured on top. It supposedly originated in British pubs so British ales are preferred.1 We usually make black and tans with Bass and Murphy's (or Guinness) when we don't have homebrew available. We make half and halfs when we have lagers around. Mmm... Harp and Guinness:

Harp and Guinness


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