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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

more on the philosopher as traveler


Communication and honesty go hand in hand. You participate in them with others to the extent they have earned your trust.

Some also call what they do when they use people as simply a means "communication".
Meditations are for honesty, not for truth. In contrast to how philosophy has seen itself.
Philosophers often speak about "man" or "all men" when they're usually talking about one man, themselves.

This is hardly an original thought, as if thoughts should only be adopted and promoted when they're original. Copyright- what a stupid, horrendous, inhuman lesson. A widely adopted and enforced, self refuting concept. Nothing is ever entirely your own, at best it's your own "and".
In contrast to Descartes you don't pursue that which you cannot doubt but rather pay attention, where you are. I actually think this is what he did though it's not how we've traditionally understood it. This whipping boy (Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum) should be lauded for waking again a false consciousness.
Each other philosophy is a journey. Similar to a journey in the world. You see the landscape, the way of being and you learn. These journeys provide methods with which to engage the world, to understand.

A philosopher is then a master of approach, of method. He may be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom but that's not where his true value lies.


Examining other philosophers with an eye toward objective truth is like attempting to learn from an athlete by examining their currently held records.

What is learned is in the person, in her way of being in and perceiving the world. What we gain is a new attitude and approach, not new metaphysical clutter. So what we're looking for is relevancy and humanity.

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