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Monday, April 28, 2008

what is enlightenment?

Hidden beneath a lot of the junk I write is a question.

What is enlightenment? How do we characterize it and hope to achieve it, help others to achieve it?

And no, it’s not Christ, plenty have claimed Christ and led horrendous lives. (don’t mistake this argument for an argument against real Christianity, maybe they’re not claiming the real Christ, who wants to delve into that confusion?)

And no, it’s not humanism, many have died in the name of progress. (don’t mistake this argument for an argument against real humanism, maybe they’re not following the true path, who wants to delve into that confusion?)

Better than focusing on the Platonic form of a thing is to focus on the numerous contradictory forms of that thing which actually exist. That’s the koan to consume.

However, I must say many of those delving into the confusion, seeking the real paths make up a laundry list of humanitarians. So depth of thought/life demonstrates its value?

I'm a humanist mostly because I don't know what use it might be to reject that term, could I cease then to be a human? Some see Christianity in equally broad terms. The older traditions have already used man to give their memes variety of treatment. We can only see our system as potentially more 'bug free' as it shows itself as a broader, more ancient, more variedly and thoroughly tested system.

Where the older traditions show their genuine value, we embrace that value.

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